Our values

Innovative approach

Innovation in the scale of service linkage

For us, innovation means, primarily, enriching traditional practices with the support of modern technologies. Thanks to our training and practice, we pay great attention to truly precise field work based on traditional investigative and forensic procedures and comprehensive legal support. We also take advantage of state-of-the-art data processing and storage procedures. All this brings us to a 98% success rate in debt collection.

Fair and decent

A lot has changed in quarter of a century

A lot has changed over time, though, fortunately, not our reputation, which still remains at the highest level, mainly thanks to our complete decency in relation to our clients and their debtors. Decency is our cornerstone.


Our competence

We are productive, efficient and fast. We act flexibly – we do not hesitate to head off to the other end of Europe, secure an object and, in quick sequence, perform a whole series of follow-up actions leading to full remedy. If you rather prefer empirical data; we make first contact with the debtor within 48 hours of taking over the case, and successfully close 98% of cases each year.