Our mission

Our expertise, your gain.

We are here for financial institutions, be they banks, leasing companies or credit providers. Protect the client’s reputation, secure the greatest possible protection of the client’s rights and legitimate interests, and fulfil their requirements, while acting completely fairly and justly in respect also toward debtors. These are our key principles. In addition to the right moral principles and the complete absence of corrupt practices, we are able to conduct our activities with quality and consistency. We are Debt Recovery Management – a collection agency with a comprehensive range of services.

We differ from large companies in this field in that we have granular knowledge of the local environment. Our company is agile and based on a proper grasp of field working procedures, thanks to which we are able to act quickly, go where others do not want to or cannot go, and offer fair long-term pricing.

We have facilities in both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. We form a single operating unit with a law firm specialising in debt collection. This combination facilitates our skills and abilities to successfully integrate the full range of debt collection services, from soft collection and hard collection through to related legal and pre-deal services provided by trusted entities.

We take care to ensure complete transparency and act fairly, thanks to which we have been pursuing activities in the field for many years.

Experienced field workers and a strong law firm represent unique added value in the environment of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

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