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Delivering solutions

Partnership with our company is particularly appreciated by financial institutions, whether they are banks or leasing companies. Thanks to our comprehensive linkage of field work services and extensive legal services, we provide competent all-round assistance in receivables management and recovery.

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Our values

Innovation based on a unique combination of traditional services, legal expertise and information technology. Competence delivered by a team of field workers and legal experts, working as one. Transparency in our procedures and correctness in our methods. We strive to be the best in these three areas.

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We operate in the area of receivables management and collection. We specialise in hard collection and soft collection services. Our close links with a law firm operating in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic guarantees the correctness and complexity of related legal services.

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Our team

Building a quality team is a great challenge in our field. We have managed it, and we are rightly proud of this achievement. The core of our team consists of two dozen experienced field workers with excellent language skills and almost three dozen legal experts in Bratislava and Prague.

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Our clients

Our client base comprises primarily financial institutions. Our goal is a long-term and successful partnership, not short-term profit. Under all circumstances, we endeavour to do a good job and when solving cases, we often form one team with the client and partner agencies. We consider this the right approach. See what clients themselves say about us.

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